I'm sure you're looking through all of our images through the website and thinking, "This is great and all, but how does it work? How does the process go?"
Well, lets walk through it!
Setting up the appointment 
There are a few different ways we can do things! 
First option : Email/Social Media. We can quickly and easily set up an appointment through a quick email to info@citnebraska.com OR you can send us a quick message through our business page at the following link https://www.facebook.com/citbedroomboudoir/ and we can easily try to get you placed on our calendar. I just ask that you give us around 24 hours to check and reply to all emails and messages.
Second option : Phone Consultation. Don't be afraid to give us a quick phone call! We can chat about pricing, your session preferences, outfit ideas, and find you a time in our calendar right away! 
Third option : In Person Consultation/Coffee. This option is my ABSOLUTE favorite! Mostly because I adore coffee almost as much as my own children. This is where you and I can sit down face to face and chat about pricing, your session preferences, outfit ideas, and get comfortable overall with each other before the session. Plus, we can look through calendars together and get you scheduled as soon as possible!
After setting up the appointment
Oh man. This is where it gets fun! First, you'll receive an invoice for your session. We require the deposit (50% of the session fee) be paid before we confirm your appointment and place you in our calendar. After that, I send you a few different emails...I promise, it's not all work! The first email you'll receive is the appointment confirmation that you are able to place in your phone calendar. The second email you'll receive is your contract. I send this through an email that you can sign right on your phone! Its easy and saves on paper. The third email I send is the email with the details. It confirms the appointment time and location, as well as gives you a few tips for the week or so leading up to your appointment with me. Oh! Don't forget that it also has a survey. The survey let's me get to know your likes and dislikes, what you're comfortable with, etc!
When you arrive
When you arrive, you'll be greeted by me and my assistant Jenna, before we lead you into the studio for hair and makeup!
Hair and Makeup
We'll all head down into the studio to do our hair and makeup for our session. Did I mention there would be champagne?! 
The Shoot
Girl, are you ready? By this point, we've prepped and pampered you for this moment...but don't worry, I'll coach you through every moment and pose as we go along. You also better believe that I will get down and model each pose for you. I work and study to find the best poses and lighting that work for you before your session, so there's no need to worry!
After your shoot
You did it girl! You rocked it! So what's next? I take a few days to go through your images and edit the absolute best ones! Please know, I typically edit up to 15. That way, we have enough to set up any albums you may add on, and it gives us a wide variety to look through!
The Image Reveal
Ooooh this is one of my favorite parts! You and I will sit down together and look through your beautiful images while we eat snacks. Yes, that's right. I said SNACKS! We will go through and pick our favorites to fit into the package you chose when you booked. Don't worry though, there is ALWAYS the option to add in more images or products. 
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